Wedding Guidelines!


  • When entering the Sanctuary, please enter with reverence.  The church is a sacred and holy place and should be treated as such at all times.  The property of the church is to be respected at all times.  We ask that all involved be respectful in their conduct, language and attire when interacting within the church and Sanctuary.

  • Rehearsals should be scheduled the evening prior to your wedding date (ending prior to 7:00 p.m.).  You should plan to spend no more than one hour at your rehearsal.  It is critical for everyone to arrive at the designated time because the Sanctuary and/or the church staff may have events scheduled prior to or following your rehearsal.

  • The wedding party will be responsible for securing their valuables, luggage, gifts and packages.  

  • Please refrain from removing and/or rearranging the church decorations, pulpit furniture, plants, audio-visual equipment or musical instruments.  

  • The church assumes no liability for vendor equipment, materials, staffing, or agreements.  Be mindful to select vendors that will exhibit reverence in our Sanctuary and be respectful of church property.

  • There is a two-hour window for the custodial staff, musicians and other church staff members involved.

If the requesting bride-to-be and/or groom-to-be is a member of Mount Vernon Christian Church there is only the cost of the Officiant, and if applicable the Musician and Food.  
MVC2 Member Fees
$100.00 – Officiant
$100.00 – Musician* 
$TBD – Food**
* Musician fee is applicable if MVC2’s Musician is chosen to provide this service.  This fee is the minimum and could be subject to change based on the requested music selection.    

**Cost for food will be applicable if MVC2 is chosen to provide this service.  Those related cost will be determined (TBD) after menu is selected and discussed with MVC2 Kitchen Ministry Chairperson.  Further discussion of applicable costs, (related to your wedding needs), will be discussed by the Pastor’s designee(s) at the time your wedding plans are being made.  

Once confirmation of costs is determined, a deposit (1/2 of the total cost) will be due at the time you submit your Signed Matrimony Agreement to the Pastor’s designee(s). This will secure your wedding date. The remaining fee will be due seven (7) days prior to the wedding date.