MVC2 Photographer​, Faye Eason
​Phone: 919-634-5782, (h) 919-359-1647

MVC2 Boot Camp, Katie Strickland (Chair)
​Phone: 919-333-4029

MVC2 First Aid Committee
The mission of the first aid committee is to provide assistance in  emergency situations, times of bereavement, and during church activities. It also provides health education and promotes balance for body, mind and sprit.

Contact: Elgie Whitley, Chairperson 
Meets:   4th Saturday of the month at 10 a.m.
Phone:  Sylvia Williams, 919-359-0192 &  Janice Richardson, 919-553-6648

MVC2 Technology Ministry
The mission of the Technology Ministry is to facilitate the development and delivery of creative technological and media solutions that support the efficient performance of the church.  This includes the development of the sound and recording system, enhancement of office equipment and technological/educational training for the congregation. 

Contact: Felton Gainey (Chair) & Dorothy Strickland (Co Chair)
Meets:   Thursdays as scheduled and VIRTUALLY!
Phone:   Felton Gainey @ 919-422-2324 (h) 919-553-5582
                Dorothy Strickland @ 919-915-0748, (h) 919-662-8123


MVC2 Kitchen Ministry

The Kitchen Ministry’s mission is to feed those who hunger for God’s word both physically and spiritually.  Its outreach efforts include a food bank, which will distribute food once a month to those in need, and Senior Day

providing lunch, fellowship and other planned activities for the senior citizens at Mount Vernon and in the community.  As one of the most visible and used spaces in the church promoting "koinonia" (fellowship), members of this ministry keep the fellowship hall and kitchen in a clean and tidy appearance so that all who enter will know that they will be well fed both physically and spiritually by servants of God.

Contact:  Constance Hines, Chair, & Cindy Sanders, Co-Chair
Phone:    Constance 919-763-0440 (h)
                 Cindy 919-278-659 8(c)

MVC2 Pastor's Partners

The Pastor’s Partners Ministry serves to assist the Pastor and his family in various activities and celebrations. The focus of this ministry is to exhibit love, show support and give priority to those efforts that demonstrate the congregation’s love and appreciation for the leadership and dedication of pastor and family. The mission of the ministry is to provide a service that enhances the witness of Christ as Savior and embraces the true meaning that the “greatest of these is love.� The Pastor’s Partners Ministry witnesses by serving and our serving is a labor of love.

Contact:  Joyce Watson ( President) & Genet Watson ( Vice President)
Meets:     Monday after 4th Sunday, 7 p.m. 
Phone:    Joyce @ 919-333-5215, (h) 919-553-5880 & Genet (h) 919-553-6648
E-mail:    Genet Watson,