MVC2 Christian Education Ministries
The mission of the ministry to plan, prepare and produce spiritual, educational and informative activities and programs for the church with a concentration on the youth.  It is also our aim to interact with them, encourage,

and support them with an emphasis on “staying focused and connected.�
Contact:  Janice W. Atkinson, Chairperson, Jessie, Co-Chairperson
Phone:    Janice - 919-873-1082, Jessie - 919-768-7912

MVC2 New Members’ Ministry
The mission of the New Members’ Ministry is to nurture and develop new members who have come to Mount Vernon Christian Church (MVC2) seeking a saving and redemptive relationship as believers of Jesus Christ.
Through the New Members’ Ministry classes and Prayer Partners’ connection, it is our mission to educate


and empower new members, as they come to understand what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ and encourage them to be active participants in the various ministries of MVC2, thus working toward the building of God’s Kingdom. Contact: Gerri Minter, President at (919) 553-5107 

MVC2 Sunday School Ministry

The diligent workers of the Sunday School strive consistently to equip and nourish God’s people in life of faith and devotion through the process of teaching, learning, disciplining of the mind, influencing the development of character through study and instruction, action and reflection, and by providing necessary leadership and direction in accordance with God’s word.
MVC2 Sunday School Ministry...
Contact:     Deacon Larry D. Thompson (Superintendent)
                 M.L Minter ( Co- Superintendent)


Phone:       Deacon Thompson:252-268-1153, 919-359-0706 
                 M.L Minter @ 919-868-4779, (h) 919-553-5107


God calls all of us to exercise our gifts and talents in service to the church and others. Mt. Vernon offers a host of ministries that will allow you to become involved and learn the joy of servant leadership.