MVC2 Program Committee 

The purpose of the program ministry is to prepare the annual church calendar based on input from the church ministries, ultimately  promoting, encouraging, and reviewing current and future church programs and events.  

Contact: Madie Johnson, President
             Annie Gainey, Vice-President
Phone:   Madie Johnson @ 919-744-6981, (h) 919-553-8987   
             Annie Gainey @ 919-271-2352, (h) 919-553-5582

MVC2 Trustee/Finance Ministry

As financial and legal officers of the church, the trustees insure that the edifice and properties of Mount Vernon Christian church are maintained in a safe, suitable and operational manner where the people of God can come and worship.  They are also charged with tending and protecting funds in a secure and accurate manner and attend to legal and business matters of the church.

The Finance Ministry is charged with maintaining accurate records of church finances.  The trustees, financial secretary, treasurer, and finance committee work together to prepare, organize and monitor the annual budget, record contributions and prepare financial reports as necessary.

Contact: Wallace Hood, Chairperson, Board of Trustees
Phone:   919/553-8783

Contact: Jean Bordeaux, Chairperson, Finance Ministry
Phone:   919/553-5628

MVC2 Greeters Ministry

Contact:  Katie Strickland, President
Phone:    919-333-4029

MVC2 Angel Tree Ministry 

The Angel Tree Ministry’s goal is to serve God, Church and community, by striving to be a visible and accessible advocate for GOD and his people. It provides guidance and assistance in times of immediate crisis to church and community members.

Contact: Patricia Joyner, President
Phone: 919-729-4186

MVC2 Intercessory Prayer Ministry

The Intercessory Prayer Ministry facilitates the spiritual discipline of prayer in the foundation of all ministries of the church and in the life of each individual to nurture Christian care and compassion through prayer support. We offer prayer in response to requests received in weekly prayer services, through prayer chains, prayer card notes, and individual prayer time.  Each week a study is designed to deepen our prayer and spiritual life by expanding our experiences of prayer.  Intercessors are to lift up others and their needs to our heavenly Father.

Contact:  Angela Stroud, President)
              Tim Richardson, Vice President)
Phone:    (h) 919-533-5107

MVC2 Missionary Ministry 

The Missionary Ministry seeks to emulate the life and work of Jesus, expressing compassion to humanity and proclaiming the Word of God in such a manner that lost souls will be won to Christ. The deeds and services performed should mirror the love Christians are to express for one another.

Contact: Rosa Watson, Chairperson
Phone:   919/553-7755

Music Council Ministry

The Music Council provides general oversight and management of the Music Ministry to include:

    •  Assessing effectiveness of spiritual, logistical and tactical support
    •  Defining communication processes (within the Music Council, within   
       the Music Ministry, to the MVCC Membership)
    •  Assuring alignment with MVCC Mission
    •  Assessing participation within choirs:

Contact: Katie Strickland, Chairperson & Tony Kelly
Phone: 919-333-4029



MVC2 Evangelism Ministry

The mission of the evangelism ministry is to promote the Great Commission, sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the community and the world at large.  Members actively canvass the community to share opportunities for personal growth and faith development provided particularly through Mt. Vernon Christian Church.

Contact: Rev. Russell Cotton, Chairperson
Phone:   919/553-6416