Baby Dedication!

Baptism is restricted to those persons who make a personal profession of faith. This is why believers from the Baptist/Congregational tradition typically do not baptize babies, as other faiths do. Babies are dedicated or blessed (this service is comparable to “christenings� in other faiths).  

If you are blessed with the birth of a child, please make arrangements to have your baby blessed.  Baby dedications are usually held on the third Sunday of the month.  This is a joyous occasion for family and friends — make sure you invite them!

Premarital Counseling!

Time to Tie the Knot 

When wedding bells are about to ring, let us know!

  • Pray for guidance and direction, and begin to make your plans!
  • Notify a church officer or the pastor of your intentions BEFORE making any wedding plans. 
  • Once informed of your intentions, a member of the church staff will personally contact you to arrange for premarital counseling with the pastor. BOTH THE BRIDE AND GROOM MUST ATTEND THESE COUNSELING SESSIONS TOGETHER!
  • The pastor or officers will work in consultation with the couple to determine the order of service and selection of appropriate music.

Funeral/Memorial Services!

 “I am the resurrection and the life.  He who believes in me will live, even though they dies & whoever lives and believes in me will never die." (John 11:25-26)

Maintaining Your Connecton!

ARE YOU CONNECTED? If your address, phone number, e-mail or any other contact information changes, make sure to let your church know! Print out this easy form and give it to the church secretary to update your record!


Congratulations! Your wedding will be one of the happiest, most important days of your life.  The institution of marriage is more than just a social contract.  It is an act of worship where your vows are made not only to each other, but also to God.  We appreciate your interest in having your wedding ceremony at Mount Vernon Christian Church.  Due to the religious significance of this occasion, we have developed guidelines to assist you in creating an atmosphere that reflects your wishes and also glorifies God.  We share in your excitement and look forward to your continued service within the ministries of Mount Vernon Christian Church.

  • Contact the Pastor’s designee(s) - New Member’s Chairperson and/or MVC2 Secretary – at the time you have decided upon your wedding date.  These two representatives will be responsible for contacting the Pastor, Deacons and appropriate officials.  They also will be your contact throughout this process.

  • As a general rule, Dr. Leathers, the Pastor of MVC2, will perform all weddings or designate an alternate Minister if there is a conflict with his schedule.  If you would like to request an officiant other than Dr. Leathers, please notify the Pastor’s designee(s).  Once the date and officiant are confirmed you will receive written notice of confirmation.

  • Complete the Wedding Request form (attached) and submit to the Pastor’s designee(s).

  • Complete Holy Matrimony Agreement form (once date and Officiant are confirmed) and submit deposit.  (See p.2 for applicable fees.)

  • Schedule premarital counseling (a prerequisite for couples who plan to be married at MVC2) with the Pastor’s designee(s).

  • If you desire your reception or rehearsal dinner to be held at MVC2, please inform the Pastor’s designee(s).  If applicable, they will be responsible for contacting MVC2’s Kitchen Ministry leader. 

  • If applicable, Complete Wedding / Rehearsal / Reception Arrangement and Food Service Arrangement forms.   (Food Service Arrangement form will be completed with the Kitchen Ministry leader.)

$100.00 – Officiant
$100.00 – Musician* 
$TBD – Food**
* Musician fee is applicable if MVC2’s Musician is chosen to provide this service.  This fee is the minimum and could be subject to change based on the requested music selection.    

**Cost for food will be applicable if MVC2 is chosen to provide this service.  Those related cost will be determined (TBD) after menu is selected and discussed with MVC2 Kitchen Ministry Chairperson.  Further discussion of applicable costs, (related to your wedding needs), will be discussed by the Pastor’s designee(s) at the time your wedding plans are being made.