Your Responsibility as a Member

As a responsible member of Mt. Vernon Christian Church and in order to carry out the Mission of the Church, it is incumbent upon every member to share his or her time, talent and treasure.

Stewardship of Time
Time is a valuable gift that is given to us by God. No one knows the time she has on this earth. But whatever time one has, it should be used wisely. Therefore, one should spend time with God through prayer, worship and participation in church activities. We must be able to give of our time to fulfill God’s plan.

Stewardship of Talent
God has given everyone a talent. However, many of us don’t know or use the talents that God has given us. It is the duty of this church to assist all members in identifying and developing the skills and abilities given them. The Bible tells us that if we use the talents God has given us, we will develop more; if not, we may lose those we do have. Please feel free to participate in the ongoing ministry of this church by sharing your abilities and skills.

Stewardship of Treasure
Nothing in this world belongs to us. Everything that we have while we are residents of this world comes as a gift from God. In appreciation for the gifts of God, we give back unto Him our tithes and offerings. These gifts help to support and maintain the mission of the church. Our gifts will help people in need and maintain the upkeep of the church. Additionally, our gifts will help us to realize the vision God has for Mt. Vernon Christian Church and this community.

Worship Etiquette

  • DO keep God's house clean and beautiful!
  • DO bring your Bible to church and share it with others. 
  • DO notify the pastor and officers in a crisis situation, such as extreme illness or death of a loved one.
  • DO bow your head and close your eyes during prayer. 
  • DO sit in an attitude of reverence during scripture reading 
  • DO follow the instructions of the ushers and officers.
  • DO make every effort possible to allow others to sit on your pew.
  • DO raise your finger to eye-level to get the attention of an usher or officer on duty.
  • DO partake of the communion elements in a spirit of rever¬ence and thanksgiving.
  • DO support your church through consistent giving of your time, talent and treasure.
  • DO participate in the church's programs and ministries.

  • DON'T chew gum while on duty or worshipping in the sanctuary.
  • DON'T disturb the worship experience or other worshippers by conducting loud conversations, rattling paper, passing notes or moving around unnecessarily.
  • DON'T lean on the pulpit furniture or abuse the altar area.
  • DON'T walk across the altar during worship.
  • DON'T leave the worship service before the benediction -- the final 'blessing" of the service.
  • DON'T call the pastor too late, unnecessarily or just to "chat" -- think of how many other members are calling, too!
  • DON'T make your own change from the offering plate.
  • DON'T wave currency in the air to signify the need for change or assistance.
  • DON'T MOVE ABOUT during prayer, communion, baptism, scripture reading, or baby dedications.
  • DON'T stare or interfere with someone who is outwardly moved by the Holy Spirit.
  • DON'T partake of the communion elements if you have not been baptized.
  • DON'T take photographs or videos during the worship without the express permission of an officer or the pastor.
  • DON'T disrespect the sanctuary or allow children to play on the altar, chancel or pulpit areas.

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