The Deaconate 

As dedicated servants of the church, the Deaconate Board seeks to live daily for Christ through work deed. Its main purpose is to ensure the care of the congregation, prompting faith, harmony, and the spirit of cooperation among the members. They work diligently with the pastor, the under shepherd of the flock. Deacons are expected to be exemplanary in their deportment, setting example of faithfulness and leadership for the congregation. 

​Larry Thompson – Coordinator of Administrative Services/Training
Workshops, meetings, & Deacon monthly log
Rickie Strickland – Coordinator of Spiritual development Prayer meetings,
bible study, special red letter days (HC/Revival, Anniversary)
Jamie Rowland – Coordinator of membership development/training
(Baptism and Communion)
Jean Bordeaux – Coordinator of church ministries
Maurice Colbert – Coordinator of economic development and financial stability
James McPherson – Liaison for the church upkeep and maintenance
Maurice Cotton – Coordinator of Youth activities and programs
Larry Rowland – Coordinator of missions and outreach (special projects)

Church Administration

Sheila Hood: Church Secretary
Genet Watson: Treasurer
Tony Kelly - Minister of Music


As financial and legal officers of the church, the trustees insure that the edifice and properties of Mount Vernon Christian church are maintained in a safe, suitable and operational manner where the people of God can come and worship.  They are also charged with tending and protecting funds in a secure and accurate manner and attend to legal and business matters of the church.

The Finance Ministry is charged with maintaining accurate records of church finances.  The trustees, financial secretary, treasurer, and finance committee work together to prepare, organize and monitor the annual budget, record contributions and prepare financial reports as necessary.

Mr. Wallace Hood – Chairperson
Mr. Christopher Smith – Co-Chairperson
Mr. James McPherson
Mrs. Genet Watson – Secretary
Mr. Larry Watson 

Other Leadership
Assoc.    Ministers
Janice Richardson